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Safari Sophie Soul Safari Retreat Namibia-3

extraordinary namibia
FRIday 8 november-Monday 18 November 2024

Blistering emptiness, immense vast landscapes and eye-catching natural beauty; that is Namibia. Travel to Wonderland Namibia, the place where your soul can breathe again.

Day 1 – friday 8 november 2024: 

Welcome in Wonderland Namibia!


Today you arrive at Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek. Welcome to Wonderland Namibia! Welcome to the Soul Safari Retreat ‘Extraordinary Namibia’! After a warm greeting at the airport, we will drive our jeep to Voigtland Guesthouse, our home away from home for the first night’s stay. Meet the Soul Safari ladies during high tea with the most famous giraffes of Namibia: Sophie, Gustav and Shorty. We enjoy this cosy guesthouse, a nice refreshing dip in the pool and a tasty hearty home-cooked dinner.

Day 2 – Saturday 9 November 2024: 

Wild thing you make our hearts sing


NAMIBIA Soul Safari Retreat-

We depart northwards with our jeep to Okonjima Nature Reserve. We install ourselves in the ‘Classic View Rooms’ of Okonjima Plains Camp. As the name of the rooms suggests, we can enjoy magnificent views of the grassy plains that are home to animal grazers. Oryxes, zebras, giraffes, dik-diks, wildebeest & impalas are loyal visitors. We enjoy the welcome lunch and then leave for our first fantastic safari adventure in the African bush in search of leopards! Nature offers no guarantees, even in Okonjima, but the chances of spotting leopards here are exceptionally high. We end the day with a tasty apéro during a breathtaking sunset. We return to the lodge, freshen up and enjoy a delicious dinner at ‘The Barn’. Will you spot the nocturnal visitors at the waterhole? 

Day 3 – sunday 10 november 2024:

Hit the road for the wild



As the rising sun paints the sky in streaks of pink -and citrus colours, we take our seats in our jeep for an encounter with cheetahs in their habitat. A crazy experience! We then visit the AfriCat Visitor Centre and learn more about the conservation and animal welfare of large carnivores and endangered felines in Namibia, as well as the many rescue & release programmes the foundation runs and supports. In the last 17 years, AfriCat has rescued more than 1,000 predators and more than 85% have also been released back into the wild. After a special morning, we enjoy brunch at the lodge. We freshen up, put our bags in the jeep and travel on towards Etosha National Park. A fun fact: Okonjima, in Herero, means ‘place of baboons’. Bet the leopards and cheetahs made an unforgettable impression, much more so than the mischievous baboons. In the afternoon, we arrive at Etosha Safari Lodge, situated at the southern end of the national park. The lodge is the place to open the doors to the mystery and magic of Etosha, ‘Place of Legends’. We stay in cosy chalets lovingly integrated into nature. Have a nice lunch and then it’s time for YOU! Relax and take in the beautiful surroundings by the pool or on your terrace overlooking the savannah. Appointment for a sundowner overlooking the water source where rhinos are regularly spotted. A sundowner? This word you should definitely remember before you leave on Soul Safari Retreat. Have a refreshing gin tonic, wine or beer with tasty snacks and admire a breathtaking sunset together with the Soul Safari Ladies. We warm up by the campfire and discuss on the next day for more safari adventures in Etosha National Park. We feast on a sumptuous dinner and get ready for the night. Nighty night!

Day 4 – monday 11 November 2024:

Fascinating wildlife in Etosha National Park

DAG 4_ Ultieme vrijheid & absolute stilte

Up early today and a quick breakfast before we explore Namibia’s most wildlife-rich park. There is no park that can compare to Etosha National Park. The white-grey dust from the Etosha salt pan spreads throughout the park and gives Etosha a special character. Did you know that the salt pan is the largest in Africa and that Etosha can be seen from space. The park has 114 species of mammals and 3440 different bird species. In the white endless-looking plains, nothing seems to survive, but nothing could be further from the truth. Dozens of animals gather to drink at the waterholes and these sightings offer us wonderful safari moments. Zebras, giraffes and elephants, rhinos and lions, impalas and oryxes, hyenas and honey badgers all at the same waterhole, YES this is Etosha! Pinch yourself, picture perfect moments! We picnic at Okaukuejo restcamp and the special waterhole where herds of elephants come to quench their thirst. After a day of safari adventures, we arrive back at Etosha Safari Lodge just before sunset. Treat yourself with a nice drink, enjoy a refreshing shower and a delicious dinner. Sweet safari dreams!

Day 5 – tuesday 12 November 2024:

Ultimate freedom and absolute silence

NAMIBIA Soul Safari Retreat-3

After breakfast, we travel off the beaten track to Damaraland! We continue our route and traverse rough terrain to reach Grootberg Lodge, our home for the next two nights. Along the way, we enjoy wildlife sightings and take in the vastness of the landscape. You’ll feel like you’re on the moon… We’ll also take a peek into the lives of the Himbas, a proud semi-nomadic people who manage to adapt as little as possible to Western civilisation and are one of the last nomadic tribes in Africa. Immerse yourself in their way of life so far removed from ours. Women with their ochre skin and hair stiff with goat fat will show you their village. The Himba women grease themselves; for protection from the sun, with a mixture of goat fat, ochre and spices. This gives their skin its characteristic reddish-brown colour. Afterwards, settle into your chalet, refresh yourself in the pool with a view, sip a cold drink and feel the ultimate freedom and absolute silence. In the late afternoon, we depart on a sundowner drive. We enjoy the mighty play of colours during a sundowner, as the sun slowly disappears behind the horizon and colours Damaraland in beautiful shades of gold, red and pink. Grootberg Lodge’s warm ‘safari magician team’ ensures a perfect stay. We are treated to delicious food and drink in the most fantastic setting. Damaraland is characterised by magnificent table mountains, impressive giant rock formations and bizarre-looking vegetation. The landscape has been shaped by erosion and wind, water and geological forces that have formed rolling hills, dunes, gravel plains and river washes. The beauty and serenity of Damaraland will reward and amaze you anyway. Be stilled by the wide-open phenomenal landscapes. Your ‘wildest’ expectations will be exceeded overnight.

Day 6 – wednesday 13 november 2024:

Tracking lonely Desert Elephants


NAMIBIA Soul Safari Retreat-4

Today we explore rugged, rough and quiet Damaraland by jeep with an experienced tracker. We set off on an early morning adventure for a nature drive through the fascinating landscapes in search of unique animals that have adapted to the arid and dry desert landscape. We spot giraffes, oryxes, springboks, ostriches and the very rare desert elephants. We track their tracks and follow them on an exciting safari. Safari moments that will stay with you forever! During our desert elephant tracking, our guide sets up a table in the middle of the bush and we enjoy a tasty picnic. Enjoy some YOU time after meeting the desert ellies. After a day of exciting wildlife encounters, some YOU time after the desert ellies, we dine under a magnificent starry sky. Sleep well!

Day 7 – thursday 14 november 2024:

From endless empty landscapes to the wild Atlantic Ocean

NAMIBIA Soul Safari Retreat-5

Today we drive all the way through Damaraland to reach the cool coast of the Atlantic Ocean. We make a stop in Twyfelfontein to explore the ancient rock drawings and engravings of the San (Bushmen). Along the way, we encounter self-service stalls selling gems and minerals found in the region around Brandberg, Namibia’s highest mountain. Himba & Herero families also sell their souvenirs in roadside stalls. The ideal way to learn more about these special cultures. Like the Himba, the Herero also have a nomadic background. The only difference between the two cultures is that the Herero have adapted to the wishes of the German settlers more than 100 years ago. The Herero ladies were asked to dress in a Victorian style of dress. The ‘special’ hats on their heads refer to the horns of cattle. The style of dress is still passed down from generation to generation. On the way, we enjoy a light lunch at Cactus & Coffee Tea Garden. Near the town of Henties Bay, we continue south to see the rusting remains of the Zeila shipwreck. Now home to perching cormorants and other seabirds. The combination of dense fog, unpredictable currents and a choppy ocean caused many ships to be shipwrecked. An ominous reminder of why this stretch of beach is known as the Skeleton Coast, ships sticking up from the sea or sand dunes like figurative skeletons. We arrive in the coastal town of Swakopmund in the late afternoon, nestled between the desert and the ocean. Swakopmund offers a typical German atmosphere through its colonial architecture with half-timbered houses. Swakopmund is nice to linger in after days in the remote but dazzling nature of Damaraland. We check in in boutique hotel The Delight. You’ll be surprised by the thoughtful touches in the beautifully decorated rooms. We dine at Swakopmund’s best restaurant, The Tug. Fine dining in a boat with ocean views, yummy (sea)food & drinks situated on Swakop’s jetty. Have a tasty evening! 

 Day 8 – friday 15 November 2024:

Adventure capital Swakopmund


NAMIBIA Soul Safari Retreat-6

After breakfast, we drive to the port town of Walvis Bay. We cruise along the tarmac road with tall dunes and swaying palm trees to our left and the misty Atlantic Ocean to our right. We pass the lagoon of Walvis Bay and the salt mines of Pelican Point. Photos can be taken along the way of posing pink flamingos, large flocks of pelicans and other seabirds. Once on the beach, kayaks are ready for an enjoyable sea kayaking trip. We look for sea lions playing happily and admire their funny acrobatic tricks. Out of curiosity, they often come right up close to your kayak. We spend two hours on the water and then enjoy a double delicious breakfast of sandwiches, coffee and tea. After kayaking, we are picked up for a sensational 4X4 jeep tour in Sandwich Harbor. We drive through the unique landscape of giant sand dunes jutting into the ocean. The desert meets the ocean! Enjoy the many amazing viewpoints, climb or run from the high dunes, see a jackal trot across the beach or admire a jumping dolphin just offshore. The excursion takes us past the area’s typical fauna and flora. Animals that have developed ways of adapting to the desert include the black-backed jackal, the mist beetle, the dancing spider (‘white lady of the Namib’), the golden mole, the palmato gecko, the springbok, the oryx, the brown hyena and the ostrich. The Nara plant is endemic to the central Namib Desert and has adapted well to the desert: its root can reach more than 15 metres into the ground to reach water sources. Our guide will pick a beautiful spot at the top of a high dune or on the beach and serve a selection of oysters and appetisers with bubbles, beers and cool drinks. In the late afternoon, we return to Swakopmund. Relax at The Delight. We freshen up and head to Kücki’s Pub for a fun evening. Kucki’s Pub is known for its extensive menu of hearty German dishes, fresh seafood and delectable grills. Something for everyone! Fancy an apple strudel for dessert, no problem ordering one here. You will be served in fluent German. 

Day 9 – saturday 16 November 2024:

Oldtimers & apple pie in the namibian sea of sand



After a tasty breakfast, we say goodbye to The Delight and take our seats in our jeep. The drive from Swakopmund to Sossusvlei is a unique route winding through the Namib Desert. We make photo stops at two highlights. The first is at the Tropic of Cancer sign. We then continue our road trip to photo stop number two, Namibia’s coolest petrol station with photogenic vintage cars and apple pie in Solitaire. We will lunch here and depart afterwards to Dead Valley Lodge, our base for the next two nights. The lodge is set against a stunning backdrop of rugged mountains and vast sandy plains. Endless dune vistas await us. A landscape that has remained unchanged for a million years. Enjoy rolling dancing majestic dunes in beautiful terracotta colours that reach into a bright blue sky. Namibia is a desert wonderland! Settle into your desert suite, open the large windows with endless views of an impossibly beautiful desert landscape…. Refresh in the pool, take a cooling shower, enjoy your terrace with wondrous views or if you prefer to stretch your legs for a short walk, the time is yours! Raise a glass to the end of a brilliant day and enjoy a delicous dinner. Stare at the night sky with thousands of glittering stars. Nighty night!

Day 10 – sunday 17 november 2024:

safari in sossuSvlei & deadvlei


NAMIBIA Soul Safari Retreat-7

Today you will wake up early. Just before sunrise, we start exploring the world’s oldest desert. You will experience magical moments as the soft light colours the dunes and the shadows cast their shapes and their curves on the sea of dunes. The sun and shadow sides seem to represent two separate worlds. We learn more about the origins of the Namib Desert and the fascinating creatures and plants that have adapted to survive in this harsh environment. The wind creates the highest sand dunes, some of which rise more than 350 metres above the desert and are among the highest in the world. Enjoy the sound of silence, the warm wind waves and the stunning beauty of the desert. Empty and endless. Ancient and adventurous. Climb Dune 45, the most photographed dune in the world because of its very specific shape. Located 45 kilometres from the Sesriem gateway, the dune reflects the splendour of the Namib Desert. We visit Deadvlei and the hidden and raw beauty of silhouettes of dead trees. A surreal, impressionable and desolate landscape against the warm-orange sand dunes. The dry, cracked earth is also fascinating to behold. We explore the Namib Desert which means ‘wide open plain’ to our hearts content and enjoy a leisurely picnic brekkie in the shade of a camel thorn tree. In the afternoon, we arrive back at our lodge for lunch. Enjoy YOU time at the lodge and a mesmerising sunset with all its pink, orange and golden hues. Africa will warm your heart and the simplicity of nature will touch you. Dinner time under the stars! The Namib Desert is one of the darkest places on earth, with virtually no air pollution. Admire the various galaxies and the Milky Way with your naked eye. Enjoy wonderful night silence whispering in your ear and realise that nature humbles you.

Day 11 – monday 18 November 2024:

Goodbye land of contrasts and beauty



After emptiness, immense open landschapes and eye-popping natural beauty in the Namibian desert, we set sail for Windhoek. We traverse the Great Escarpment and the picturesque Khomas Hochland. On arrival in Windhoek, we enjoy a farewell lunch at Joe’s Beerhouse. Extraordinary Namibia, the Soul Safari Retreat comes to its end. A life-enriching unique and authentic safari that will leave a deep impression. Safari chic: wildlife spectacle combined with an overwhelming beauty of diverse landscapes and gems of safari lodges. For photography fanatics, Namibia is the place to be. A fantastic backdrop of light & colours, sun & sand, breathtaking landscapes and a wealth of animals. Relax, unwind, breathe deeply in and out & recharge yourself in extraordinary beautiful Namibia. Sometimes you feel like you’re on the moon, other times on Mars. The land of contrasts and beauty to leave you speechless! Namibia will capture your heart and enchant your soul.

Soul Safari Retreat ‘Extraordinary Namibia’

trip details

inclusive of

10 nights in a shared double room with twin beds (2 separate beds)

I believe that sharing a room creates extra friendship. This works perfectly & I provide friendly guidelines.

1 night in Voigtland Guesthouse, Windhoek

1 night in Okonjima Plains Camp, Okonjima Nature Reserve

2 nights in Etosha Safari Lodge, close to Etosha National Park

2 nights in Grootberg Lodge, Damaraland

2 nights in The Delight, Swakopmund

2 nights in Dead Valley Lodge, Sesriem

Arrival & departure transfers

9 breakfasts, 10 lunches en 9 diners

Water tap available in our jeep

Excursions and activities: High tea with giraffes, Leopard & Cheetah Tracking and Visti to AfriCat, full day game drive in Etosha National Park, Visit to a Himba Village, Sunset Drive with sundowner on Grootberg plateau, Desert Elephant Tracking, visit rock art in Twyfelfontein, kayak in Walvis Bay, 4×4 Sandwich Harbour Tour, Sunrise Desert Drive

All park & conservation fees

The transfers will done in a 4X4 Landcruiser driven by Safari Sophie.

Safari Sophie as your host, Africa lover & enthusiast before, during and after the Souls Safari Retreat.

Extensive information package upon booking, including background information about Namibia, tips & tricks, interesting facts & a detailed packing list.

Whatsapp group to keep in touch 

E-meet up before departure to get to know the Soul Safari Tribe + pre departure meeting 

Printed travel itinerary & program upon arrival

Safari Sophie’s signature do-goodie bag, made & filled with local love from  conscious brands


International flights to & from Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport


Travel & medical insurance (required!)

Medications, and/or vaccinations (please contact your personal doctor)

Medications, and/or vaccinations or Covid testing (please contact your GP for suitable advice)

All warm & cold drinks: coffee, tea, waters, soft & alcoholische dranken (except welcome drinks, drinks during breakfast & sundowners)


Personal expenses

Tips for guides/drivers (at your discretion)

Optional payable activities (balloon safari & scenic flight Namib Desert)

Services not mentioned in the program

Important note: Travelling to and in Africa requires a flexible attitude & an open mind. The travel program, the choice of accommodation and the activities have been composed as detailed as possible, but can be changed before the start or on location, depending on the situation and availabilities.

payment details

3777 per person

30% deposit to secure your spot

Remaining balance is due 6 weeks before departure

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Call or whatsapp Safari Sophie on 0032 486 39 95 91 or press below to send an email. So we can set up a discovery call.

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If you are truly satisfied, happy to join the Soul Safari Retreat and are saying ‘Yes Africa, here I come’; I will send you a travel agreement for you to sign, together with the deposit invoice and payment instructions.

I will add you to the Soul Safari Retreat whatsapp group to keep in touch and to exchange info.

Spots are limited (only 6 spots available) and will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis.

I will organise 1 month before departure a digital meet up with our group to get to know the Soul Safari Ladies and to go profoundly to all the trip details and travel requirements. We end with a Q&A. I am more than happy to assist by answering all your questions. You will be fully informed so you can travel without worries. Safari Sophie always at your service!

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