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Safari Sophie Soul Safari Retreat Morocco

Soul Safari Retreat –
Moroccan Magic

Saturday 18 June – Saturday 25 June 2022

Admire the magic of the Moroccan light; the beauty of architecture, craftsmanship, heritage, rituals & traditions. Enjoy a lovely relaxing Moroccan hamman treatment. Glow from the inside out. Get lost in the labyrinth of small streets in the medina. Glamp in a stone desert. Sleep under the stars. Sip from a fresh mint tea, rest & watch the world go by. Cook your own Moroccan dinner. Be in the flow of a yoga lesson. Take in wild endless beaches. Explore a charming boho coastal town. Feel the famed generosity & happiness of local people. Learn more about the Berber culture. Be ready for Moroccan Magic… It will leave a warm imprint on your SOUL.

Day 1 – Saturday 18 June: Marhaba Marrakech


Travel to the fairy tale from 1001 nights! Welcome in Morocco, welcome in Marrakesh! Today is the start of Soul Safari Retreat ‘Moroccan Magic’. Safari Sophie will await you at the international airport of Marrakech Menara. Together we leave for Riad BE, a traditional Moroccan house & a paradise of peace & calmness. Enjoy a fresh mint tea as a warm welcome drink & install yourself in your beautiful room. Discover Riad BE: an authentic and unique place full of local history, tradition and art situated in the heart of the medina. Riad BE opens the doors to the  fascinating world of Moroccan culture. In the evening we will explore the famous & overwhelming Djemaa El Fna  square filled with orange juice vendors, henna artists, acrobats and snake charmers. Hustle & bustle, fascinating & maybe a culture shock. Get to know the Soul Safari Ladies, your fellow travel companions during our welcome dinner on the rooftop of Le Salama. Enjoy the Moroccan cuisine and the panoramic views on the medina, the Koutoubia minaret and Jemaa El Fna Square.  After a delicious dinner we walk back to Riad BE & prepare us for the night.

Day 2 – Sunday 19 June: Explore the magic of the Red City


The day starts with breakfast in the cool morning air on the roof of Riad BE. You will love the sweet fruits, Moroccan bread with an egg, delicious jams, fresh yoghurt with granola and honey, muffins & pancakes plus a good cup of coffee, a refreshing mint tea and a glass of orange juice. After breakfast our lovely guide will await us, and together we will explore the ‘Red Imperial City’. Gaze upon the beautiful architecture, listen to the stories of  the past and enjoy the ambiance. We will pass the iconic Koutoubia mosque, the Eiffel Tower of Marrakesh. Afterwards we will visit Bahia Palace, everyone wants to thick off this impressive palace on their list of sights to see. The best artisans of Morocco have been working on the palace for almost 14 years, so it is certainly worth a visit. Next we will walk to El Badi Palace, this palace was built in the 16th century by Sultan Ahmen el Mansour. Historians believe that the palace had 360 rooms decorated with gold & crystal. The palace is completely stripped, only the rough structure is visible. Admire & wonder, appreciate the beauty. We continue our city tour to Ben Youssef Madrasa, founded in the 14th century and the largest Islamic college in Morocco and one of the most important in North Africa. The walls with calligraphy and pillars decorated with the most amazing tiles and patterns are a feast for your eyes. We move forward to Dar El Bacha, this palace was built for the famous Moroccan Pasha (duke) named Thami el Glaoui. Also known as the Great Gatsby of Morocco. Explore the museum at ease, give your feet a rest, enjoy the beautiful decoration and drink a traditional Arabica coffee. You can choose from more than 200 coffees! After the drink break we will experience the tanneries at the entrance of gate Bab Debbagh. Looking for a leather bag or are you curious how they produce one? At the tanneries you will see the old Moroccan craftsmanship. Our guide will tell you everything in detail. Please accept the bundle of fresh mint you will be offered, because the smell is super intense. Lunch time! We say maʿa s-salamah (goodbye) to our guide & will have lunch at Café des Epices. After lunch it’s YOU time! Shopping in the souks? Exploring even more the narrow streets of the medina? Discovering how the Marrakshis are mingling modern life with old traditions? Or rest & relax near and in the plunge pools or looking for a cozy spot in Riad BE to read a book? Your time is now. A part of the Soul Safari Ladies will enjoy a typical Moroccan ritual, a hamman & massage. A wonderful bathing ritual in a steam room. The oriental oils which are used during the massage will be relaxing for your body & mind. We will have dinner in restaurant L’Mida during sunset with soul food, mocktails & the majestic Atlas mountains floating in the background. Nighty night, sleep well!

Day 3 – Monday 20 June: The gorgeous garden Jardin Majorelle, glamour in Yves Saint Laurent Museum & a delightful culinary experience 

SOUL SAFARI RETREAT Morocco day 3 Safari Sophie

After an early and delicious breakfast, we will drive to the Gueliz district where we visit the most colourful tropical garden in Marrakech, Le Jardin Majorelle. Le Jardin Majorelle is a small divine botanical oasis, one of the most beautiful places the Red City has to offer. The garden was designed in the 1920s by French painter Jacques Majorelle. Majorelle ‘painted’ the garden with streams, brooks, numerous plants and trees from all over the world, ponds with lilies and fountains, beautiful bougainvillea and metre-high cacti. Majorelle used a unique shade of cobalt blue in the garden and buildings were painted in this shade.  The garden was later named after the French painter.  The Majorelle Garden only became famous when fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé bought the garden in 1980. For Yves Saint Laurent, the Jardin Majorelle was one of his favourite places in the world, a source of inspiration. Feel this for yourself and let the gentle breeze, the oasis of calm, the twittering birds, the bright engaging colours of nature and the deep Majorelle blue inspire you. Afterwards, time for glamour in the Yves Saint Laurent Museum; a museum dedicated to the French fashion designer who lost his heart to Marrakech. He fell in love with the colour combinations, the draperies and the kaftans. This is where he worked out his sketches for future collections. The museum houses his designs, his campaigns, his muses and other aspirations. Each item was carefully selected by Pierre Bergé, his business and life partner. That afternoon, we will have lunch with a local hospitable family. You can expect a warm welcome and a delicious home-made Moroccan meal. In the afternoon we will return to Riad BE. Enjoy a siesta under the palms and plants. Or get lost in the souks and shop for decoration for your home or maybe a nice souvenir: carpets, cushions, mirrors, Arab lamps, exotic spices, woven reed baskets, leather bags, handmade jewellery or Moroccan slippers in the most beautiful colours. The other part of the Soul Safari Ladies will now enjoy their hamman & massage. Relax & glow from the inside out. In the evening, you can enjoy a delicious culinary experience. You will prepare your own dinner in a Moroccan cookery workshop. Moroccan cuisine has a unique formula of spices, flavours and aromas. The Tagines, Tanjias, and Couscous are cooked with passion and attention to the ingredients. Discover the magic of Moroccan cuisine, unveil its secrets and get to know its scents. Enjoy your meal and have a nice evening!

Day 4 – Tuesday 21 June: A day in the Atlas Mountains & Ourika Valley


After breakfast, we escape the heat of Marrakech and head for the Atlas Mountains and Ourika Valley, where temperatures are cooler. Perfectly doable, because this region is only located on a 90 minutes drive from the city. Lush fruit orchards and olive groves, mountain peaks perhaps still covered with a paper-thin layer of snow, ice-cold babbling rivers and tiny peaceful Berber villages dominate the landscape. Light, air & lots of green! Our first stop is at a friendly Berber family that gives us an authentic insight into their lives. A pleasant experience that you will not forget. Our second stop is in the village of Setti Fatma, where we start a short two-hour hike to one of the seven waterfalls, which are the region’s main attraction. Meanwhile, colourful Berber carpets are hung on shop fronts and souvenirs are neatly displayed in stalls. Yalla, let’s go! Our walking guide takes us to a wooden bridge that connects the village street with the mountains on the other side. We climb into the mountains, quietly at everyone’s pace. Along the way, we will encounter a number of cafes with ‘Berber refrigerators’, drinks kept fresh by flowing mountain water and some souvenir sellers always ready to sell their goods. We reach several waterfalls where the water splashes down, the mist provides refreshment and we let the rough nature take its effect on us. After the hike, we sit down on a colourful outdoor terrace where our tired walking feet can rest in the cool water of the Ourika River. We continue our Atlas day trip and stop at a ceramics and carpet shop where the beautiful carpets are woven and knotted by hand, by women who pass on the craft from mother to daughter. It is interesting to watch and especially the lovely colours, motifs and patterns that the women personally choose based on important events and experiences. Symbols of love, nature, birth and happiness; but also personal beliefs and rural life are incorporated into the rugs. Each rug is unique and has a personal story. So even today, you can treat yourself to a beautiful gift. Our last stop is for lunch. This is provided in Kasbah Bab Ourika, an exceptional location in a sublime setting. A blissful secret! Discover Kasbah Bab Ourika yourself and enjoy a tasty lunch, enjoy the silence, enjoy the magnificent landscapes and enjoy the swimming pool and your sunbed. In the late afternoon, we depart for Riad BE to freshen up for dinner at Le Kilim restaurant in the heart of Gueliz, where we previously visited  Le Jardin Majorelle and the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. Night falls over Marrakech and we let our heads rest from all the impressions  of today.

Day 5 – Wednesday 22 June: Agafay Desert Dreams


After a last breakfast on the rooftop, we check out of Riad BE. By 4×4 we drive to the Agafay desert. Are you ready for more magic? Less than an hour’s drive from Marrakech, the rugged landscape of the Agafay desert unfolds, forming an enormous contrast with the city, the Atlas Mountains and also the green Ourika Valley. Agafay is a dry rocky desert with rolling hills and a few sharp peaks. We stay in Inara Camp. This camp invites you to travel, discovery is the theme and this is reflected in the decor of the desert camp. Explore Inara Camp with its beautiful Berber carpets in nomadic tents, souvenirs of distant travels and inviting cosy sitting corners. Settle into your luxury glamping tent, sip your welcome tea and get ready for a hearty lunch.  In the afternoon, it’s YOU time! Recharge in the desert lagoon swimming pool or in the infinity pool with glorious views of the desert and the canyon. Rest and relax with a good book on the terrace of your glamping tent. If you feel adventurous and prefer an adrenaline kick, you can optionally book a buggy, quad ride or sporty mountain bike tour (please indicate your interest in advance). During golden hour we make a short camel ride together to enjoy a formidable sunset, a nomadic desert experience not to be missed. We have dinner under the stars with a surprise. Afterwards, around the campfire, we discuss the plans for the next day. Sweet desert dreams!

Day 6 – Thursday 23 June: Essaouira, the pearl of the Atlantic Ocean


Wake up in your glamping tent, enjoy the silence of the desert and take a slow start to the day. After breakfast, we leave for Essaouira, a trendy and also quiet blue and white fishing town on the Atlantic Ocean. Before we get there (+/- 3 hours drive), we stop at goats in trees, yes, you read that correctly. A photogenic moment! The trees are Argan trees and the goats love the yellow fruits that are slightly larger than olives. Berber women have been extracting Argan oil from the seeds for centuries. The oil is used in beauty products and south-western Morocco is the only place in the world where the Argan tree grows. Argan oil has an enormous value and is therefore also called the liquid gold of Morocco. We will visit Hafida and her family for an argan oil workshop. Lunch is planned in Salut Maroc with views on the Atlantic Ocean. Candy for the eye, this location! Breath in the fresh ocean air and enjoy a delicious lunch. After lunch we leave for Auberge Tangaro, our last one-of-a-kind stay at the Soul Safari Retreat. Auberge Tangaro is a timeless charming hotel, ideally located in the green quiet suburb of Essaouira. All rooms are decorated with traditional elements in a modern Moroccan style. Settle into your room, enjoya an apéro and a delicious candlelit dinner. Sleep tight!

Day 7 – Friday 24 June: Boho vibes in Essaouira


We have breakfast in the early morning sun in our auberge. Afterwards, an enthusiastic guide shows us the charms of Essaouira; you will notice that this coastal town radiates an energetic, bustling and peaceful atmosphere. Essaouira has kilometres of beaches to explore and a beautiful medina with souks to stroll in. Small art galleries hide in narrow side streets and cosy cafes sit on shaded pavements. Traditional life is visible at the local markets. Take a look at the harbour with its iconic blue fishing boats and hear the murmur of fishermen bringing in the morning’s catch. Essaouira was Morocco’s hippie village in the 1960s and has been a strong attraction for surfers, painters, writers & creatives for years. Feel the boho vibes! We admire Essaouira from the famous Skala du Port viewpoint and climb the fortress walls with bastions, remnants of French rule. Essaouira’s medina is walled in by Skala de la Ville, which had to protect the city from invaders. We sit down on the thick walls, enjoy the cool breeze and admire the views of the Atlantic Ocean. We walk along the promenade or the beach to Ocean Vagabond for lunch, the coolest beach bar in Essaouira. During the free afternoon, you can get a breath of fresh air on the beach, look for nice shops in the medina, follow a yoga class in our auberge, enjoy a wine or cocktail at the pool. Do you prefer adventure? Then you can take a surfing lesson, go horse riding or hire a quad to tour the wide sandy beach and beautiful dunes (optional payable activities, please indicate your preference in advance). The choice is yours! The end of our magical Soul Safari Retreat is approaching. We will end the day with a cosy dinner evening and maybe a small dance party at Taros Café, a rooftop bar & restaurant that looks out over the harbour and the ocean. As the sun sinks into the sea, we chat about all our adventures in magical Morocco over a nice drink. Meanwhile, the DJ plays his best tunes. Have fun!

Day 8 – Saturday 25 June: Boho vibes in Essaouira

Time to say goodbye! After a good night’s sleep, it is time to pack your bags and enjoy a last Moroccan breakfast in the beautiful surroundings of Auberge Tangaro. We drive back to Marrakech for your flight home. Moroccan magic; a combination of the happiness of local people and their famed generosity, beauty, cultural heritage, rituals and traditions in everyday life, but also the good vibes & positive energy of the Soul Safari Ladies will leave a warm imprint on your Soul! Moroccan Magic is good for the mind, body & spirit!


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Optional activities (quad & mountain biking, horse & buggy riding, surf & yoga lessons)

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1 night in Inara Camp, Agafay desert

2 nights in Auberge Tangaro, Essaouira

7 breakfasts, 6 lunches & 7 dinners as listed

Guided City Tour in Marrakech including all entry fees of historical sites and museums, including drink in Bacha Coffee

Entrance fees to Jardin Majorelle & Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Moroccan cooking class

Hammam & Massage

Atlas Day Tour & Ourika Valley with visit to local family, guided hike to waterfall, cooperative of carpets, lunch and swimming time in Kasbah Bab Ourika

Sunset Camel Tour in Agafay Desert

Visit to Hafida & family for argan oil workshop

Guided City Tour in Essaouira

Local English speaking guides during the visits of Marrakech & Essaouira, who will be delighted to share their knowledge & passion with you. We will have a fantastic, hassle-free trip with the comfort of our group and the expertise of our guides. The transfers will be done by a local driver and minibus. I work together with Morocco Unlimited (based in Marrakech). This is one of Morocco’s most established and trusted tour operators offering the most incredible experiences in Morocco. 

Safari Sophie as your host, Africa lover & enthusiast before, during & after the Soul Safari Retreat

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International flights to & from Marrakech

Travel & medical insurance (required!)

Medications, and/or vaccinations or Covid testing (please contact your personal doctor)

All hot & cold drinks: coffee, tea, waters, soft & alcoholic drinks (except welcome drinks & drinks during breakfast)



Personal expenses

Tips for guides/drivers (at your discretion)

Optional activities (quad & mountain biking, horse & buggy riding, surf & yoga lessons)

Services not mentioned in the program

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