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A little bit about me…

I am Safari Sophie, a 30 something Africa lover & enthusiast. Smiling, social & bubbly, that’s how people describe me when I talk about ‘My Africa’.

My first trip in Africa was an overland tour in Kenya & Tanzania with a big truck starting in buzzing Nairobi and ending on the exotic beaches of Zanzibar. Only the name of this island makes me feel again in a sunny heaven filled with white sandy beaches, waving palm trees and an all shades of a blue ocean. The spectacular wildlife abundance in between the trip, made my heart skips a beat.
It’s there where my passion for Africa; and the energetic, vibrant and mesmerizing continent began to fill my heart. Since then, I have travelled intensively in Southern & East Africa. I have still so many destinations on my travel wish list.

Africa embraced me, warmed me and never let me go.
The colors, the beauty, the unexpected encounters, the sunshine, sunsets & sunrises overwhelm me. The wise outgoing friendly people, their big white smiles, the sounds, sights and smells. Africa let my soul shine! Yours definitely too.
Collecting memories & beautiful stories of this heart warming & heart filling continent is what I love to do.
I am happy to share my love for Africa with you. Africa inspires me every time again. I hope you will be inspired too.

Now it’s time to fly solo & work on my personal passion projects.


Creating & hosting ‘Soul Safari Retreats’ & designing tailor-made journeys & beautiful travel experiences in my beloved Africa for YOU!


My background, for more than 15 years I worked in the hospitality & tourism business. Composing & organizing hundreds of travels around the world, hosting trips & guiding travelers around, managing travel shops & leading teams, teaching tourism students. I lived & worked in South Africa for a while which I will treasure forever.

I believe that all journeys start with a dream and end with a heart full of warm memories & an extraordinary story. I aim to make that story very unique and provide the ultimate in personalized service.

Safari Sophie is a proud member of Travel Experts, a Belgian travel organisation with a network of independent travel agents specialising in certain niches. Safari Sophie is an independent travel designer. I specialise myself in composing trips to Africa. Behind the scenes I can count on all the necessary administrative and logistical support from a professional team with years of experience in tourism. I guarantee personalised advice, where and when you want it, irresistible travel conditions and 100% certainty.

Travel Experts is a member of ‘Garantiefonds Reizen’ (Belgian Guarantee Fund) and has its own personal  Travel Experts guarantee fund too. This way, there is protection against a possible failure of partners. Your trip will always take place or will be refunded. Sit back & relax. You will enjoy a carefree & stressless safari!

Travel Africa with me & let your wildest dreams come true. I am your go-to lady for travels to Africa.
Let’s talk safari & let me work my magic.
Reach out to me if you would like to know me better. I am looking forward to connect with you.


With safari love,